Planning Permission

Our building services go far beyond extensions and renovating homes. We can also provide all you need for a successful planning application.


Applying for planning permission can be stressful and sometimes complex. Because of this, we have partnered with the most talented architects in Hertfordshire who deal with all aspects of planning permission. 

We can advise you on the type of application your proposal falls under, and our experts will work attentively to ensure it meets all the requirements necessary.


With all planning applications, there is never any guarantee that an application will be accepted. However, we can guarantee that the experts we have in this field ensure every potential problem is accounted for. 

If for any reason setbacks do arise, our qualified architects and planners, will negotiate with the council on your behalf and provide a revised planning application should it be needed.


Planning Permission House Extensions 

In some cases, a Planning Application may be rejected. This can sometimes end up being a long and drawn-out process. Using an experienced expert may make the process a lot quicker and a lot cheaper.

Within this service, not only do we provide detailed drawings to present to the Local Authority, but we can also work closely with you to provide a comprehensive Design & Access Statement.


This will demonstrate the amount of thought and planning that has been given to your design, and will clearly establish how the proposal will affect neighbours and the wider community.

On occasion, additional reports are required which demonstrate that all areas of the design and planning process have been covered. If so we have access to a range of specialised consultants that we can recommend to provide this service.

We are pleased with the success rate our planning experts have, and are confident they can deliver.